Mandatory Basic Skills Before Entrance Into Grade 11 Physics

Please ensure you are able to solve the following. If not, please arrange to see me during lunch, or before or after school. These are skills required for entrance into Grade 11 Physics.

1.      In the following equations, solve for the indicated variable:

a)      :   b)     c)

d)         e)     f)



2.      Recall: SOH CAH TOA

a)      In the diagram below, if the longest side is 5 units (and the angle shown is 30 degrees), how many units is side x and how many units is side y?



b)      In the diagram below, if the hypoteneuse is 5 units and the vertical side is 3 units, how many units is the horizontal side?







3.      In the following equilateral triangle determine the value of angle  and angle