Evans SPH 3U1

Physics Grade 11

Unit 1: Kinematics

Note 3: Acceleration and More Graphing


Reference: Chapter 1.3


Accelerated Motion - non-uniform motion that  involves change in an object's speed OR direction OR both (change in velocity)

Uniformly Accelerated Motion - motion that occurs when an object traveling in a straight line changes its speed uniformly with time (i.e. speed in increasing or decreasing at a constant rate).

Acceleration - the rate at which velocity is changing. It is a vector.

Average Acceleration - the change in velocity divided by the time interval for that change.                                                                          


Example 2: A ball rolling down a hill at 4.0 m/s accelerates at 2.0 m/s2. What is the ball's velocity 5.0 s later?

Do Example of Velocity - Time Graph and convert to an Acceleration - Time Graph

Analyze Negative Acceleration. Discuss: "Can you have negative acceleration if an object is slowing down? What about speeding up?

Discuss Fig 2.17 (old text) on page 49

Analyze: a) Throwing a ball in the air  b) Dropping a ball and letting it bounce (Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration)

Pg 24 #2,3      pg 25 #1,2    Pg 30 #6,8,9      Pg 57 #67,68

Graphical Analysis Handout

Info in Kinematics Graphs BLM 5-2 Handout