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Pendulum Experiment notes
Kinematics Note 1
Kinematics Note 2
Kinematics Note 3
Kinematics Note 4
Kinematics Note 5
Kinematics 2D Motion Problems
Dynamics Note 1
Dynamics Note 2
Circular Motion Note 1
Circular Motion Note 2
Circular Motion Note 3
Circular Motion Note 4
Circular Motion Note
Extra Lesson on Torque - notes given in class (not on the website)
Energy and Momentum Note 1
Energy and Momentum Note 1B
Energy and Momentum Note 2
Energy and Momentum Note 3
Energy and Momentum Note 4
Energy and Momentum Note 5
Energy and Momentum Note 6
Energy and Momentum Note 7
Waves Note 1
Waves Note 2
Waves Note 3
Waves Note 4
Waves Note 5
Waves Note 6
Waves Note 7
Waves Note 8
Waves Note 9
Waves Note 10
Waves Note 11
Waves Note 12
Electricity Note 1
Electricity Note 2
Electricity Note 3
Electricity Note 4
Electricity Note 5
Electricity Note 6
Electricity Note 7
Magnetism and Relativity Notes will be from class - they will not be posted on website
Magnetic Force
Special Relativity Note 1
Special Relativity Note 2
Quantum Powerpoint
Quantum Theory Note 1
Quantum Theory Note 2
Quantum Theory Note 3
Quantum Theory Note 4 Compton Effect
Quantum Theory Note 5 Wave Nature of Matter
Quantum Theory Note 6 Wave Particle Duality
Quantum Theory Note 7 Rutherford's Model
Quantum Theory Note 8
Quantum Review