Measurements and Data Analysis

1. Write each of the following numbers in scientific notation
a) 2.76x104
b) 4.5x10-4
c) 5.38x105
d) 3.9x10-6
e) 8.4x10-2
f) 2.97x105
g) 4.3x10-8
h) 6.89x1023
i) 8.603x10-17
j) 7.936x10-86

2. Express each of the following in scientific notation in the basic SI unit
a) 5.00x103 m
b) 6.000x103 m
c) 2.5x10-8 m
d) 3.300x103 s
e) 1.3x104 s
f) 3.7x10-2 kg
g) 1.5x103 kg

3. Perform the following mathematical operations, expressing the answers to the correct number of significant digits
a) 493.0
b) 3.875x102
c) 1.1x102
d) 8.7x102
e) 8.6
f) 1.6x102
g) 38
h) 12
i) 2.9x105
j) 9.78x104
k) 4.090x1012
l) 5.22x103

4. 4.0x102

5. 0.4x104 kg/m3

6. 8.4 m

a) 393 cm
b) 10.2 cm
c) strip1=4.4x102cm2 strip1=1.32x102cm2 strip1=8.408x102cm2
d) strip1=49 strip2=79.1 strip3=24.23

8. -0.917%

b) 0.05%
c) 0.0003%
d) 1%

a) 23.1%
b) -12.8% and 9.95%

11.a) B=71A0.5    b) D=360C-1      c) F=71.4E(1/3)    d) H=0.16G1.93    e) L=39200K-2     f) N=0.375M3

a) 2
b) 1/3
c) 4
d) 1/16
e) 5/4
f) 1/8

13. 5.8x102 m

14. a) F=0.0214v2.05    b) F=4.8x10-3R-2.32